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Study Tours Gold Coast is dedicated to making your visit to Australia not only memorable but easy and enjoyable. We will cater for all your study tour needs so that you and your students can relax and enjoy a truly Australian Experience.

Why choose Study Tours Gold Coast?

  • Many of our study tours choose to start on the amazing Gold Coast, home to Surfers Paradise and some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches and year round beautiful weather! Located close to Brisbane, Australia’s third-largest city, and only a short plane journey to Sydney, the Gold Coast is centrally located for you to make the most of your visit to Australia.
  • Our team have been organising study tours since 2008 so we have the experience to make sure your study tour is seamless and enjoyable.
  • We have very strong connections to a range of primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions.
  • We have a dedicated partner company Australian Student Accommodation who we work closely with to arrange homestay accommodation for students, ensuring a truly local experience. The students will be lodged with Australian families, in a home environment, so that they can better understand our customs, living habits and family structure. If any children have specialised eating requirements, we are only too happy to accommodate provided we are advised prior to your visit.
  • Our study tours are made up of English language studies which are arranged for the students each morning Monday to Friday plus a variety of activities organised for them to participate in and enjoy. They will see and experience the lifestyle and climate of the beautiful Gold Coast, Brisbane and/or Sydney as well as learning a variety of skills while they are here.
  • We have included a wide variety of activities that reflect our Australian culture as well as offering students a variety of options according to their interests. We have included some sample tours which can easily be customised to suit the length of time and activity requirements of your group.
  • All teachers and supervisors are catered for within the quoted costs per student; they will be placed in homestay or separate accommodation units close to the primary place of study.
  • All of our study tour groups are provided with a guide for all days except for the free days which they spend with their homestay families. Each Saturday we will take the group to a different theme park (Dreamworld, Movie World, Seaworld, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary or Wet ‘n Wild, to name a few!) where they will experience a wide variety of fun and excitement. Many of the parks provide a student program and where these are available, we will organise such a program.
  • We include all activities, accommodation and costs in our quotes, so you have greater certainty on your tour costs.


At Study Tours Gold Coast, we can take care of all your study tours accommodation, education and sightseeing needs.


For the most authentic Australian life experience, we highly recommend homestay accommodation for at least part of your tour. Homestay is an excellent opportunity for students to experience daily life with an Australian family in a safe and caring environment at an affordable cost.

Educational Activities

A Study Tours Gold Coast study tour program includes a range of educational activities. These activities could be either academic focused, practical workshops or focused on learning some hands-on skills.

Sightseeing and Travelling

We want to make sure that all students have a fun and joyful tour experience while they’re learning new skills and knowledge. Enjoying some leisure time and visiting some local tourist attractions and destinations will make the study tour journey unforgettable! We can arrange activities such as visiting theme parks, participating in outback experiences such as camping and farmstay, city tours, and visiting national parks and/or zoo and wildlife sanctuaries.