Educational Activities

A Study Tours Gold Coast study tour program includes a range of educational activities. These activities could be either academic focused, practical workshops or focused on learning some hands-on skills.

We specialise in organising educational activities such as:

  • High school and Primary school integration programs. STGC is one of the most experienced operators in Queensland in arranging school integration programs. Refer to our school integration program page for more information
  • English as a second language lessons: general English, English for academic purposes, and holiday/cultural English.
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Environmental sustainability, cultural equality and innovation.
  • Global leadership and team building activities.
  • Musical and performing art.
  • Business entrepreneur development.
  • STEM, IT and sciences.
  • Hospitality: cooking, baking and barista training.

All educational activities above can be delivered workshop style (from a half-day to two days) or in long-term intensive training (from three days up to months).