At Study Tours Gold Coast, we can take care of all your study tours accommodation, education and sightseeing needs.


For the most authentic Australian life experience, we highly recommend homestay accommodation for at least part of your tour. Homestay is an excellent opportunity for students to experience daily life with an Australian family in a safe and caring environment at an affordable cost.

Educational Activities

A Study Tours Gold Coast study tour program includes a range of educational activities. These activities could be either academic focused, practical workshops or focused on learning some hands-on skills.

Sightseeing and Travelling

We want to make sure that all students have a fun and joyful tour experience while they’re learning new skills and knowledge. Enjoying some leisure time and visiting some local tourist attractions and destinations will make the study tour journey unforgettable! We can arrange activities such as visiting theme parks, participating in outback experiences such as camping and farmstay, city tours, and visiting national parks and/or zoo and wildlife sanctuaries.